A day in the Commons – April 19, 2013

by aem00

1. Sitting opposite from one another in the House of Lords made it feel like you were actually talking to someone about an issue and not just talking at them. It helped to foster debate among people and even within the different parties.

2. The role of the “will of the majority” in democracy is to say that those in the majority should be able to make decisions for the whole society. They believe that because they are in the majority, they are entitled to a greater stake of society in where they live than others that are in the minority. It should not be respected because it allows tyranny of the majority and leaves minorities with less. No one individual or group should have more power in a society than another.

3. An MP should vote in a way that his constituents dictate, but that however should match up with the party’s ideology and the Prime Minister’s. Solidarity in Parliament is important.

4. The House of Lords needs reform in the way of elections. No one should inherit a seat in Parliament and be able to make decisions for people who they are not accountable to. Elections should be made mandatory and the abolishment of inherited seats.

5. I didn’t know the House of Lords still maintained peerage within government.