A Day In Congress – April 19, 2013

by aem00

The fiscal cliff issue in the United States seems very dumb to me and feels like the politicians are creating their own drama by setting these dates.

1. As the president in the exercise, I feel I did not have the powers I should to get the budget passed, or at least the budget in it’s entirety. All congressmen should be able to set the agenda and bring up legislation but as the president I felt kind of useless.

2. The caucuses did not have much power in getting individual members to vote along party lines. The members tended to vote in bloc’s within Congress based on what they and their constituents valued instead of the Party overall.

3. Congress had the greatest amount of power in this exercise. The amount of voices and opinions seem to drown out the president’s.

4. To avoid gridlock I think the president should have more power to decide legislation rather than congress. Obama should work with his party more and unify the democratic party under one umbrella. He should try to get all of the democratic congressmen to vote along party lines so they can defeat the republicans on bills.

5. I did not know just how much the United States owes in debt to other countries and foreign investors.

6. “It seems like the most important thing to do here is not compromise on anything”