Missing Moments – April 17, 2013

by aem00

The list they include has some very important dates but does not include a couple that I think are important. Ones that I would include on top of their list are:

1. The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 because it doubled the size of the United States and helped the US continue on their journey of Manifest Destiny.

2.The assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 because many see him as one of the greatest leaders in US history.

3. The assassination of JFK in 1963. This is important because many people remember where they were when they heard the news and continued the legacy of political assassinations.

4. The Vietnam War was also very important because there were many opponents to it and was a reaction to communism sprouting up around the world. It is often seen as a failure by some which makes it important to see how events like this are seen by different people.

5.The terrorist attacks on 9/11. This is important because it started two wars that were seen as illegitimate by many and changed political discourse around the world and created many divisions.