Go Green – April 8, 2013 – Adam Milroy

by aem00

The Green Party of Germany has been one of the most successful in all of the European countries. This is due to a number of factors. The Greens in their country have always been willing to look outside to box in order to find solutions to modern day problems that traditional parties have to been unable to solve, or be willing to try to solve. They believe that all the problems that nations face these days are interconnected and can be solved once you radically shift how you treat the earth and put humanity first. In modern years, in order to gain votes they have become more moderate which appeals to a lot more voters than before when they were considered dangerous by some and scared a lot of voters away.


In Germany now, there are a lot of post materialist voters that the Greens are trying to win over. This is the largest in Europe and these voters are looking at solutions in government that reflects their ideals as the world changes. They would rather see a world which tries to find alternatives to war, famine, pollution and homophobia than antagonistic policies. 


These voters have moved past policies that include only job creation and would rather see harmonious, well rounded values that support everyone, and not just those with means. They appeal to the urban citizens who would like to see pragmatic solutions to the world’s difficult problems.