Resubmission 2 – April 8, 2013 – Adam Milroy

by aem00

To get around this paradox you would start by getting the word out through ways that do not require money in large amounts. People power can come in handy and it would not be that hard to find others who support you. Starting with friends and family, you can go door to door to get the word out and ask for funding. A website is not necessary at the start, just a helpful tool. You can lobby yourself for corporate and private donations by going to businesses and individuals. You can apply for grants and even have charity drives. Fundraising for money in the beginning might have to be at a grassroots level and it might not go fast but you have to be dedicated and show others how dedicated you actually are. Putting up flyers at a University or College could also be helpful as many people there are looking for a cause to support and to volunteer with. Fundraising in these small ways will add up, then you can build a website and gain donations through that way. But before, people will have to know your cause through what you tell them.